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Richpeace Software Keyboard Shortcut Key


A       tuning tool

B       intersecting isometric line

C       compasses

D       parts

E       eraser

F       smart pen

G       movement

J       docking

K       symmetry

L       angle line

M       symmetry adjustment

N       merger adjustment

P       point

Q       isometric line

R       comparison length

S       rectangle

T       to the side

V       continuous angle

W       scissors

Z       code alignment

F2      switching shadow and pattern border

F3      display / hide the length between two code points

F4      display all sizes / display only the base code

F5      switching stitch line and pattern border

F7      display / hide seam line

F9      matching the whole line / segmental line

F10     display / hide the width of the drawing paper

F11     only matches one code

F12     work area all paper pattern back to paper sample window

Ctrl+F11    1:1 display

Ctrl+F12    paper sample windows all paper into working area

Ctrl+N      Newly build

Ctrl+O      open

Ctrl+S      preservation

Ctrl+A      is also stored as

Ctrl+C      copy paper sample

Ctrl+V      paste

Ctrl+D      delete paper samples

Ctrl+G      scavenging paper sample size

Ctrl+E      type editor

Ctrl+F      display / hide code point

Ctrl+K      display / hide non - place code point

Ctrl+J      color filling / unfilled paper sample

Ctrl+H      Display / hide string high line when adjust

Ctrl+R      The new generate line pattern

Ctrl+B      rotation

Ctrl+U      displays the temporary auxiliary line and the hidden line

Shift+C     cut line

Shift+U     concealed temporary auxiliary line, part auxiliary line

Shift+S     line adjustment

Ctrl+Shift+Alt  delete all datum line ESC to cancel current operation


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