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The 18th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition Richpeace exhibition machine list


Booth Time: November 27-30, 2017

Booth: E1A10

The  18th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition "ShanghaiTex  2017" will be held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center from  November 27 to November 30, 2017. Tianjin Baoying  Computer Machinery Co., Ltd. will bring Fuyonyi shuttle hook  multi-needle computer quilting machine, Richpeace monochrome single computer  quilting machine, zero wait sewing machine, computer embroidery machine  magnificent appearance. Show models preview first!

Exhibitor models show:

Richpeace shuttle hook multi-needle computer quilting machine (maximum speed 2800 RPM)


Model: RPCQ-L2800-9-210 (420) -2-1

Technical  parameters: 9-pin spacing 210mm, X to the stroke 420mm, the first  needle to the tail needle maximum gauge 1680mm, over the width of 2100mm

Machine features:

1, the world's fastest multi-needle hook quilting machine, the maximum speed: 2800RPM, double shuttle

2, presser foot independent drive

3, a new servo system

4, using the world's advanced quilting machine head

5,  can be connected with the carding production line, to achieve the core  automated production, recommended quilted, linear curve pattern.

Richpeace computer embroidery machine


Model: RPCQ-VE-66, 1-50.8 (101.6, 152.4, 203.2) -2-NT-1

Technical  parameters: 33 pairs of needle quilting embroidery machine head, up to  66 needle bar quilting embroidery work at the same time, the theoretical  quilted embroidery up to 3600mm.

Machine features:

1, Hang embroidery control system, with 10.4-inch touch screen, windowing interface

2,  using a small needle from the double-needle quilting embroidery machine  head, the minimum needle pitch is 50.8mm (2 inches); double needle bar  independent control, manual control, free activation, lock, according to  the production requirements of autonomy, mm (2  inches), 101.6mm, 203.2mm and any other divisions switch; meet the  complex combination of the requirements of efficient production patterns

3, working speed up to 750RPM

4, automatic disconnection detection, reduce labor intensity; reduce downtime, increase the duration of work

5,  Japan's Sasuke large hook, the line capacity is 2.2 times the ordinary  hook, reduce the replacement frequency of the bottom line, improve  factory efficiency

Scope of application:

Summer cool, quilt cover, mattress pad, pillowcase and so on.

Richpeace automatic zero waiting sewing machine


Model:RPAS-NS-1-900X850-B-2-LH, HM

Machine features:

1, the maximum working speed: 2500 r / min

2, the nose can be independently up to 50mm

4, nose hook X to the screw + rail movement, to ensure high-precision, stable and reliable

5, AB box can be independent work, recycling and mergers

6, can be installed anti-drilling velvet components, to achieve the sewing process is not drilling cashmere

7, high-capacity storage space, can store 2 million needles

8, the bottom line counting function, according to the length or number of pieces counted to achieve the baseline capacity alarm

9, four patterns cycle function: Support for four patterns of automatic cycle conversion

Scope of application:

Various  types of cotton suits, down jackets, clothing parts, furniture, home  textiles, toys, outdoor supplies, bags, shoes and hats, car interiors  and other products of automatic sewing.

Richpeace computer embroidery machine


Model: RPCE-FN-9-20.9-275 (550 + 40) X680

Machine features:

1,  double girder: Fu Yi patented design, with the dual advantages of beam  and truss structure, structural rigidity, vibration, beautiful  appearance

2, the bottom line break alarm  device: timely sense of the bottom run out or pull off, reducing the  operator's labor difficulty and improve the quality of Embroidery

3, double cam drive low-noise thorn cloth body, significantly reduce noise, providing a quiet working environment

4, high precision servo motor, voltage fluctuations in the grid, the power often used under conditions

Used in large clothing, curtains, bedding, handicrafts, four sets of embroidery, curtains, tablecloths lace and so on.


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