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The 7th China-Japan-South Korea Fiber Industry Cooperation Conference was held in Osaka, Japan




November 16, the Seventh Japan-South Korea Fiber Industry Cooperation Conference held in Osaka, Japan. Gao  Yong, party secretary and secretary general of China National Textile  and Apparel Council, Rao Kohara of Japan Federation of Fibers Industry  and Cheng Qihe, president of Korea Federation of Fiber Industries, led  nearly 100 delegations from China, Japan and Korea to attend the  conference respectively.

On behalf of China, Gao Yong addressed the opening ceremony of the General Assembly. The  Japan-Korea-Korea Fiber Industry Conference has lasted seven years and  has continuously deepened exchanges on the key issues and cooperation  topics of the textile and garment industry in the three countries and  played a bridge role in promoting the cooperation and development of the  textile industry in the three countries. Under  the "new normal," China's textile industry has actively promoted  restructuring, readjusting its structure and opening new doors to  innovation and steady progress. Under the new era,  the new localization of China's textile industry marked by "technology,  fashion and greenness" has brought new opportunities for the future  cooperation of the three countries in the textile industry.

The  meeting exchanged views on four topics including the status quo of the  three countries' textile industry, China-Japan-ROK FTA, textile  environment and product safety, fashion and science and technology,  deepening the discussions on existing issues and opening up new  perspectives. The representatives of the three  countries are full of confidence in this meeting and look forward to  contributing to the rich and pragmatic meeting outcome.


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