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XD3A Scrubber drier with battery

XD3A Scrubber drier with battery

XD3A battery-type washing machines dryers portable design, operation easier. After the pressure-regulator may be curved suction machine, suction is more effective. Operation panel glance, manipulation easier.

? Quick and clever, simple design

Easy operation design, control panel buttons, simple operation without unnecessary introduction.

? Dual motors, more thorough cleaning

Elton pre-upgrade type of high-end washing machine disk brush motor, driven by the line in front of the disc brush cleaning work after the water motor, continuous water, cleaning more efficient.

? Battery design, save time and worry

Elton XD3A battery-type washing machine, without electricity, a wider range of activities, from the power cable length limitation, convenient operation.

? Two batteries, longer working

Elton XD3A battery-type washing machine, configure two large-capacity high-quality maintenance-free battery, durable and stable, can work to clean for 3 hours.

? Upscale brush, once completed

Wash, dry once completed, dry scrub more thorough clean, clean off the ground clean as new.


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