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Battery type Scrubber drier and wire type Scrubber drier with the difference? How to choose the Scrubber drier ?

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With the development of modern society more and more people begin to use or factory clean equipment, in particular, some large industrial workshop, if still use manual cleaning engineering not only big and the cost is high, how to choose suitable for their own washing machine? Battery type cleaning machine and wire type washing machine have why to distinguish?

First analysis from the following three battery type washing machine and wire type washing machine is the difference between:

First, we want to see the user's industry, focus on the use of his time and frequency. Such as a factory may need to use everyday washing machine and then sign in this case he needs the battery type washing machine. Again, for example, a forest cleaning the nature of the enterprise, a year may be a period of time use washing machine, you'd better use that this kind of situation he wire type washing machine. If XD3AC wire type washing machine to machine


XD3AC Scrubber drier with cable


Second, we will look from price, battery washing machine's price is higher than the price of the wire type cleaning machine, and the battery type washing machine for about two years or so will be in a group of battery, this is also a lot of a spending. And the wire type washing machine you don't need to replace battery.

Third, from the point of ease of use, wire type of washing machine in the usual used to double operation, one person operating a machine, another is in charge of pay-off line, the battery type to wash confidential than wire type washing machine more convenient. Such as: XD3A battery type washing machine to machine


XD3A Scrubber drier with battery


From the above aspects, I believe you have to wash machine have a preliminary understanding of choose and buy, our headquarters in guangzhou cleaning equipment technology co., LTD. Is a set of cleaning equipment research and development, production, sales and service in one of the cleaning equipment co., LTD., has ten years of industry experience, if you want to know more details, please call our 24-hour service hotline: free 020-86061888


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