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Fully automatic washing machine open a new era of large public spaces cleaning

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Large public places considerable importance for urban construction, which is already well known in modern philosophy. Urban spaces can improve the lives of the city, effectively improve  the comfort of the environment, and improve the urban culture, education  and travel information functions, in addition to urban public spaces  can also increase the artistic effect of urban architecture.

Then urban public spaces is how to do it, of course, it is to rely on urban sanitation company to achieve it. Sanitation  company through fully automatic washing machines, drive-type washing  machine, driving style sweeping machines and other equipment to  contribute to public areas of its indispensable power. With  the vigorous development of these cleaning machinery and equipment in  recent years, these mechanical devices now on the market many kinds of  varying quality. So for these companies sanitation necessary municipal works cleaning  equipment, municipal sanitation company engineering company should be  how to choose it.

Guangzhou  Baiyun District High River town Sanitation Bureau, if all rely on  manpower to carry out cleaning, then it is very unrealistic. So  Guangzhou Baiyun District High River town Sanitation Bureau purchase  much-needed equipment to protect a large number of cleaning company  cleaning items shipped exhibition. Guangzhou  Baiyun District High River town Sanitation Bureau on the market taking  into account the various types of mechanical cleaning equipment is not  enough to understand, I decided to purchase a fully automatic washing  machine. After  the market for fully automatic washing machine to understand, Guangzhou  Baiyun District High River town Sanitation Bureau contacted the  Guangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Haotian cleaning equipment. After  cleaning equipment Guangzhou Haotian Technology Co. consultant free  home test machine, Guangzhou Baiyun District High River town Sanitation  Bureau of automatic cleaning equipment Guangzhou Haotian Technology Co.,  Ltd. washing machine are very satisfied, and finally decided batch I bought the automatic washing machine. This fully automatic washing machine has the following advantages:

1,20 inch eccentric brush plate design, easy to clean corners and more efficient.

2, open sewage tank, sewage tank to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

3, water tank level sensing control water level, water directly off the motor.

4, quiet design, making it possible to work during the day.

5, the water filtration system and solenoid valve control, to maximize water conservation.

6, adjustable brush plate booster system to make the operation more easily and quickly.

7, a unique rear water inlet hose, the hose can tap directly into the water.

8, the choice of motor and water Ami Dege US imports of professional  wiper rubber, so absorbent, wiper effect and imported machine  synchronization.

9, easy to brush plate pressing device, ready to be able to facilitate the processing of stubborn dirt.

Guangzhou  Baiyun District High River town Sanitation Bureau of the Division I  after the automatic washing machine feel very satisfied, thereby  Guangzhou Baiyun District High River town Sanitation Bureau of Elton  cleaning equipment are very trust, the first increase and then set the  number of improve the urban living environment green bin. Guangzhou Baiyun District High River town Sanitation Bureau said then further intensify cooperation with Elton.

Elton  cleaning equipment Guangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is one of  the industry leading companies, and many large domestic enterprises to  establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation. We  can provide free test machine service, free home demonstration  equipment for customers to achieve the effect and then consider whether  to buy. More  fully automatic washing machine brand, fully automatic washing machine  performance, fully automatic washing machines offer Sign  / Learn more information, welcomed the  order!

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