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XCG1A Industrial vacuum cleaner

XCG1A Industrial vacuum cleaner

XCG1A high-power industrial vacuum cleaners three-phase high voltage vacuum pump, the suction is more strong. High technology, commissioning more calm. Additional toolbox, it is more convenient to use. Is the preferred industrial vacuum equipment industry with a vacuum cleaner. Details about industrial vacuum cleaner price please call 020-86061888 suction machine industry.

Products are the five characteristics

Strong attraction: three-phase high voltage vacuum pump (380 v 2.2 KW)

More convenient, can be moved away from the dust collection bucket, clearing up the rubbish is more convenient.

Quieter, more quiet: high technology works more calm.

Large work area: this vacuum cleaner is particularly suited to metal, wood and other industries use, can effectively remove processed metal chips, sawdust and other types of dust.


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